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Isaac dropped out of school in Senior 2 before being assisted by T.E.T. In 2005 he joined Lords Meade Vocational College as a teacher in Fine Art, having completed his final year at Teacher Training College. He uses his talent in Fine Art to assist his siblings with their education. At L.M.V.C he worked with the Tofta students in their free time until when he left the school to further his profession.

Betty comes from Gulu - a formerly war-torn area where the Internally Displaced People used to live in camps. She was one of the best girls in the District at Primary Leaving Examinations. At the time, she used to cycle to school with the constant danger of being abducted by rebels. At night she slept under a different tree each night to avoid being captured by the rebels. She liked having her own bed in the dormitory! In 2006 she sat for her "O" levels at LMVC. She is so grateful for TET's help.

Lydia's father and step-mothers insisted that she dropped out of school and look for a suitable man to marry after her maternal uncle died in a road accident, as the uncle had been paying her school fees. Lydia was assisted to complete her secondary education and continue to follow her dream of becoming a teacher. In 2006 she completed her course at a Teacher Training College and achieved her dream.

Constance used to walk 12 Kms each way to school on one meal a day that was provided by her grandmother as her mother was dying of AIDS. Initially her mother's health improved due to the reduction in worry over her children's future education when Constance got a Tofta scholarship; and when she died she knew that her children would have a good education.Constance worked hard & achieved her dream of a place at Makerere University where she studied education.

After her graduation in 2007, she is now a graduate teacher (Literature in English) and worked with Lords Meade Vocational College for about 3 years.

Robert (not pictured), Peter's brother, has completed his university degree at Makerere University - the main university in Uganda, and is now embarking on a career as a teacher. He will also assist to raise the family of orphans to obtain meaningful lives to help benefit both the family and their community.

Hussein (not pictured) - an AIDS orphan - used to have a 4-hour walk to school when it rained, as he could not cross a local river when it is flooded. He could not attend a boarding school, as he had to care for his sister and elderly grandmother. T.E.T. continues to enable him to attend Nakawa College of Commerce where he is studying a Diploma in Business Management, and hence looking for a better future for his sister and grandmother.

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