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Tofta Educational Trust

Registered in UK with the Charity Commissioners Charity No: 1070803
And with the N.G.O. Board in Uganda No: S5914/3242

Tofta is currently assisting over 150 students in secondary & tertiary education
Over 2,000 needy students apply each year

The Tofta Educational Trust (T.E.T) was established in 1998 with the aim of assisting needy students from around East Africa with their secondary and tertiary education. T.E.T is a registered Charity in both the United Kingdom and Uganda (status pending in the United States). T.E.T. assists students by paying school fees directly to the educational institution. Students are assisted either through full or partial bursaries.

Every year since 2000 T.E.T. has assisted over 150 disadvantaged youth, both from Uganda and Kenya, to access valuable secondary education.

For only US$720 a year (Less than US$2 per day) (GB£360 a year) you can support T.E.T. and offer education, hope and a meaningful future to an orphan with so little in life.

T.E.T. has already assisted over 1,500 needy students to access meaningful secondary education.

T.E.T. is committed to equal access to education. There is no discrimination in regards to sex, tribe, race, or religion. T.E.T. is especially committed to helping girls.

T.E.T. was founded by John Kirkwood.

John grew up and was educated in England. In 1976 he moved to Kenya to teach in a secondary school for disadvantaged boys. In 1987 he moved to Uganda to become deputy headmaster of a secondary school, and then principal of a technical institute. He started assisting needy students in Kenya in the 70s and continued after he moved to Uganda where at times he was assisting up to 45 students, and continues to assist students who otherwise could not continue with their education...

T.E.T. holds a strong belief that educating the youth is the best way to assist the development of poor countries and overcome the burden, and cycle, of poverty.

T.E.T. is the principle founder of Lords Meade Vocational College.

While students are still supported at other institutions, by building its own school they are able to focus on not simply education and training, but also on developing good citizens, future leaders, and independent adults.

The Name:

Tofta's name comes from the farm in the north of England that the founder, John Kirkwood, inherited from his father. The sale of the farm released the capital that produces the income to support the project. The word originates from Scandinavia.